Around the world, elephants are considered sacred and represent luck wealth and good fortune. We believe that with every purchase for your home, we can help secure the elephants’ great future. You can find everything “elephant” for your home and this means you’re giving hope to these gentle giants. We donate 5% of our profits to Save the Elephants( and other pro-elephant organizations. They help by protecting, feeding and moving them to their real, native homes. So when you get back your home, you can be reminded that you are a part of their future and their hope!

Why did we name our store “Preciousy”? “Precious” – because elephants are really precious for the world and “Y” – because YOU can help!

As you may already know, Asian Elephants are on the endangered species list and African Elephants are on the vulnerable species list. If we don’t do something about the elephants, their population will continue to decline and they will eventually become extinct.

Our mission is to increase the quality of life of our beloved elephants. We share our love of elephants with the world with our home related products and our community. From this point on, you know you can make a positive contribution to the lives of elephants and join us on our mission.

Our vision is for elephants to have safety in the wild, free from poachers and the dreaded ivory market.

For all your elephant needs our hand-picked team will be more than happy to serve you and answer your comments, questions and concerns.

If there is something which you want to see in our store, just click at the “Contact” button at the bottom or write to us at: [email protected]

Just so you know you are paying from a trusted company, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, PayPal Buyer Protection and the latest security features to preserve your safety during your transaction.

The team of Preciousy wish you happy shopping and thank you for your donations!

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