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7 Tips For Proper Maintenance And Long Life Of Alloy Jewelries

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The proper use and maintenance can extend the life of all types of jewelries. No matter how expensive they are you should know that it is a BAD idea to contact them with acids / chemicals /cleaning materials/perfumes.

Anyway, your alloy jewelries will still be bright as a few years ago as long as you maintain it in proper way(that’s why we have written this for you). The greatest thing about them is that there is no need to use expensive maintenance waters for maintenance for such kind of jewelry or other costly products. Of course, this is just the top of the iceberg, now we are going to cover the 7 most important tips which you should keep in mind in order to be happy for a long time with your alloy jewelries:

  1. Definitely avoid wearing your jewelries when you are taking a bath, washing your face, sweating a lot(like on a training) or swimming. Detergents or sweat will make alloy corrosion and may lead to higher risk of .
  2. Try to avoid excessive forces: when you adjust the opening and closing of earrings, please avoid as much as you can excessive forces in order to prevent damages of the shape or fractures.
  3. If you are allergic be careful when wearing alloy jewelries. Remove them right away if you see any skin irritation and take proper care.
  4. Alloy jewelries should not be stored in in a small grid jewelry box in order to avoid mutual grazing.
  5. Be careful with prolonged wear: Do not wear them for a long time especially in the hot summer, because of the extensive sweating which can lead to erosion of the metal
  6. Wipe them If you want them bright - wipe them frequently with a fine flannel for a better jewelry look.
  7. Although beautiful in jewelry box, it is better to put them into sealed bag, because the seal is almost isolated from the air so that there will not be any oxidation. If you don’t have such bag, you should definitely use boxes with closed lid and anti-tarnish paper.
  8. Do not sleep with them - you can damage or break them while you sleep.


There are a lot of great looking alloy jewelries out there. They don't require much, just a proper care and little action from your side. Take care of them and they will do the same for you making your style rich and shiny.

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