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Adorable Limited Elephant Bag

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***Part Of The Proceeds Will Be Donated***
This cute baby elephant wants to be your new friend. It will help you to keep your items safe and carry them easy everywhere that you go. This unique product is made for all cute animals lovers and especially for those who love elephants. 

With its heart melting eyes and cuteness all your friends will want the same bag, no matter if they love elephants or not. It is really difficult not to get this one. And people love it. From today you can have it and add it to your elephant collection.
And it is also the perfect Christmas or every other occasion gift!
The best thing is that we have two more elephant bags which you can add to this sweet baby elephant collection. They are also not available in stores and look amazing.
Get your new bag today by clicking the purple button!

Material: Polyester
Size: 46 cm./18.11"

Note: It may take up to 3-4 weeks for delivery

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