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Beautiful Lucky Elephant Painting

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***Part Of The Proceeds Will Be Donated***

Do you love elephants?

Now you can have a beautiful elephant which will look awesome on your wall. All your family members will love it, because it is more than a stylish painting.

You can learn a lot about elephants from this painting. You can go deep inside their soul just by watching in this elephant' eyes. You will also see its natural beauty and peace which they have.

Put this painting on your wall and change your room forever. This elephant is also a perfect gift for a good friend. 

And before you get one or two paintings, keep in mind that they come with 100% FREE SHIPPING if you live in USA and we are not kidding. 

The other great thing about this product is that when you get it today, you will help to other elephants which need your help, because we donate part of the proceeds to save them.

So, choose your size and grab your new friend today!


Style: Printed Canvas + Hand Painting
Sizes: 60x80cm(23.6"x31.4") and 80x120cm(31.4"x47.2")

How To Assemble The Frame:

Note: It may take up to 3-4 weeks for delivery due to the higher amount of orders

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