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Cutie Elephant Kid Bag

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Do you have a kid? Do you have a friend with kid?

In both cases this Cutie Elephant Bag will make you or your friend's kid really happy, because nobody can't resist on it.

And may be you also probably know that elephants are very important?

Yes, it is true, because they are mandatory part of life and their habitats, but people are still killing them for money. :((( (sad,right?!)

And our cause and products are here to do something about this ridiculous fact.

So, if you like this product and want to have it, get it today and keep in mind that you are supporting an important cause.

You are getting 100% FREE SHIPPING if you are living in USA.

Choose your quantity, color and grab yours today!


Material: Cotton Fabric
Length: 24 cm.
Height: 25 cm.

Note: It may take up to 2-3 weeks for delivery

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