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Popular Real Elephant Painting

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***Part Of The Proceeds Will Be Donated To Save The Elephants***

UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY - Printed On Canvas And Hand-Painted

Your new elephant friend can bring peace, harmony and love in your home.

It can even make it look better.

Now when you are back at home and you feel bored, special elephant will be there for you. It will help you to RECOVER FASTER. 

You can be sure that this painting will grab the attention of all your guests, because it has a magnetic look. 

Keep in mind that each painting is UNIQUE, because after we print the canvas an ARTIST with his own brush add some details and makes it complete piece of art for you.

We can send you the frame too, you will just have to follow the instuctions, assemble it and put the canvas on it.

Not available in stores.

Choose your size and click the purple button while we still have it in stock!


Style: Printed Canvas + Hand Painting
Sizes: 35"x47" + 43"+59"

How To Mounth The Frame:

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