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Aztec Totem Elephant T-Shirt

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Aztec Totem Elephant T-Shirt is a sexy female sleeveless top with a cultural emblem of Elephant print meant to show your loyalty to your root in a fashionable way without leaving behind your sexiness. The O-Neck top is of the woven fabric with a regular sleeve style made from polyester. The sleeveless shirt aids the free flow of air around the body and at the same time gives you a sexy look. It is a perfect summer/spring wear for a casual outing or a formal gathering as it offers freedom to the upper part of the body.

  •  Aztec Totem Print
  •  Casual O-Neck T-Top with Woven Fabric
  •  Made from Polyester
  •  Sexy Sleeveless Shirt
  •  Women Summer/Spring Wear 

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Material: Polyester
Style: Casual
Fabric Type: Woven
Collar: O-Neck

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