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Super Thin Elephant Style Power Bank

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Do you go everywhere with your phone? And sometimes there is not enough battery for all the photos that you want to make?

We know how you feel during these moments. 

That's why you can solve this issues with your new Elephant Style Power Bank. 

Super thin and super stylish.

And also:

  • Keep your battery alive for all your happy moments
  • Make more photos than ever
  • Wear it everywhere in all types of bags - small, big, average
  • It doesn't take much space, but it brings a lot of opportunities for more memories

This is your chance to show your elephant love and also be practical.

Get your new Elephant Power Bank today and pay nothing for shipping(USA only) even if you order 5 or more!


Power capacity: 2600 mAh
Size: 2.44" x 3.93" x 0.19"

Note: It may take up to 2 weeks for delivery